Monday, November 15, 2010

Nov. 15th–Last day and some final thoughts!

If you haven't done so yet, start with the entry dated "Nov. 12th" below to get caught up on our activities of the last three days.

Today our group of hardy pilgrims is scheduled to visit "Coptic" Egypt and the Church of the Holy Family. There is so much yet to see and experience, but we only have today!

Cairo is an amazing place–this is a city with no traffic lights (!!) but the traffic just flows and drivers are considerate of one another. It would be interesting to try this experiment in the states! For those who love to shop, part of today will be spent at the Cairo Bazaar, one of the most fascinating and unique in the Middle East. Then we will return to the hotel for dinner and pack for home.

It is interesting that many of us already have our thoughts turned toward home–already the cares of the life we left behind intrude on our final hours here. But we do miss our families and friends and are ready to come home. We leave for the airport at 8:00pm Cairo time, to depart before midnight and we arrive at New York-Kennedy before dawn tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 16th. Please pray for us at 2:35pm, Mountain Time today, that we will have a safe journey home.

I suspect that there will not be another opportunity to update these entries and the stories of our "last day" will have to wait a while for a later opportunity.

Literary thousands of pictures have been taken and we all have made some new friends, and memories that we will indeed cherish a lifetime.

It is difficult to organize a summary thought or two ... we came here because this was the land where Jesus walked and we have tried to trace his footsteps and grow in our faith. May the Lord bless our journey's end and give us the wisdom and the courage that is part of a Living Faith in the only Savior of the World.

We pray also for you, that God may bless you in every way and make his life abound in you, that the Gospel may be preached to all the world. Amen!

See you at home!

–posted by Greg Smithhisler, Liturgist

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